sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Today it was Saint Patricks Day and it was a little disappointing but not to bad. I wake up excited at 9: 00 i had a quick shower and I had my breakfast and I went walking to my friend house, he and more people we get the bus to go to Cork.

When we were in the village in the bus we saw a lot of people in the street waiting for something and the police closing the streets we were lucky to pass before they close, they were waiting for see a lot of old cars and differents car tractors and interesting things. Suddenly we saw 4 big elephants in the village it was amazing, they are from a circus of Carrigaline.

We arrived to Cork in a different route with the bus we went off and we start to see hundreds of people watching something it was the same thing of my village was happening old cars and people with shorts and with weird clothes. We saw that and it finished early then we just went walking around the town and looking for interesting things we just saw a lot of people, some of the people were wearing green clothes and hat and more things.

We had a problem, my friend lost its bus ticket and we were looking all the places to found the ticket. Finally we get the bus to Carrigaline we arrived to the village it was a lot of people and good things we stay there for a while and finally after a long day we went home.

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