sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

Kingston: actividades al aire libre

Estuve en una ciudad bastante bonita llamada Kingston hace un mes; muy rural y mucho campo; tuve suerte y cuando fui hacia un tiempo muy bueno. Asi que pude hacer bastantes cosas, entre ellas pescar (que me gusto mucho).  Jugamos al hockey futbol, etc. Aqui os dejo algunas fotos del fin de semana.

Fotos de Kingston: actividades al aire libre:

Jugando al hockey

Lago con el arcoiris 

Paisaje de un lago


Pez que pesque 

Paintball en Canada

Hola de nuevo me fui a jugar al paintball con unos amigos en un bosque estuvo bastante bien aqui os dejo las fotos.
Yo en una de las partidas

En el descanso 

Antes de una partida

Cool Toronto

I was in Toronto a week ago and i was really impress with huge town is an amazing city with a lot of high buildings and i was really amaze by all the people from different people from different countries that lives in Toronto. I was lucky to go to the see and tower one of the highest buildings in the world i think is the second one in the world actually. It was amazing to see all the town of Toronto from there is really high. The elevator has glass in the walls so it was pretty cool to go up and down it goes really fast and in the top there was a glass floor it was kinda scary to be there. Anyway i love Toronto and amazing town i put it a few pictures so that you can see what it looks like.
Christmas already in Toronto

Huge deer in shopping centre Toronto
Me in the centre
The tower
Me and the tower
Airport from the top of the tower

The town of Toronto from the See and tower

Hello Canada!!!

Hello to everyone I'm not in Ireland anymore now I'm in North Bay Ontario Canada. Is been okey at the moment i like it so far is really cold and there is a lot of snow. I am gonna let you see some pictures of what i been doing since i came three months ago hope you like them.
Outside of my house
The street
Snow footprints

Boat during the good weather

Lake in North Bay