sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

My holidays in Alicante

At the moment im in Alicante spending my last days there i did some videos to show to my irish friends the most interesting parts of my city one of the videos is about a castle, Castillo de Santa Barbara is really nice and amazing, is quiet old and is one of the places that you can see all the city and the views of all the boats of the city is really amazing and beatiful to see. The other two videos are good beaches of diferents parts of Alicante. Here they are:

 Castillo de Santa Barbara:

 Playa de la Albufereta: This beach is just next to my house one year ago it was a bad beach
but they did some changes and now is a really good beach clean water some palms and brown sand
and a beach restaurant.

Playa del Varadero ( Villajoiosa): This beach is in la vila in Alicante is a small beach of stones
there is not any sand is all stones and in the water are some big rocks. Next to the beach is all full
of rocks where the fishers try to get some fish and a restaurant beach.

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